5 thoughts on “2010:Central Park:NYC

  1. Such beautiful pictures of a wonderful place. Iowa City has Hickory Hill Park, and it is kind of like Central Park. There must be some interesting history about how development has tried to encroach on the latter, but where the city drew a line and said that it would not be New York City without the park as is. Chicago has done something similar with the lakefront, but I don’t know of many other places that have been able to do something on the scale of Central Park. Perhaps there are stories of cities that have made the mistake that NYC did _not_ make, where there was an attempt at massive development, a land grab, etc. But of course, and as cookie monster might say, “Who cares about those other places!!” Thanks for the great pictures.

    • Yeah, the real estate value of the park in 2005 was about $529 billion dollars (see “Because We Wouldn’t Trade a Patch of Grass for $528,783,552,000“). You know that Olmstead designed both the park and UC Berkeley’s campus, ya? I have to say I like the park better. Less bureaucracy. :) Wow—that reminded me of Rosebud Abigail Denovo for some reason. Remember her? What a time that was. The strike. The naked people in class. Etc. The other day (not the day I shot these) I went to an amazing garden in the NE of the park, on 105th and Fifth, right across from El Museo Del Barrio. It’s stunning. Couldn’t believe I’d never been there before. So many charms, this city has.

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