local 79


So, I introduce a neighbor and he disappears. Gone. That’s New York for you. Now that the Turk is over, John is usually the first person I see each morning whom I know well enough to greet. He’s there six days, but not before, oh, eight am. We never really said more than a ‘Hi’ until one day I was coming back and he asked me if I got off work early. I told him no, I was at yoga.

“Yoga? What’s yoga?”

How refreshing that there are people in NYC who do not know what yoga is. I explained (“exercise”), and he offered me part of his sandwich. I declined as I was headed home for breakfast.

I asked what union he’s in and he answered, “Why?” I told him why, and we had a short chat. I haven’t been walking that way as much partly because the Turk is gone and partly because I’ve been frequenting a different neighborhood. Nevertheless, John is a local favorite.

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