going back: the love child

Tagging March. I’m three months behind. It takes a long time to tag, edit, and select photos, and I shoot a lot these days.The tagging takes forever and makes me feel totally compulsive, but I love that I can call up all the images of bread, or refrigerators, or cows that I want. So I do it.

In going back to March this weekend, it took me back to the walks, the time. I shot a few hundred in the first few days of March, one walking back from a class in SoHo. I had a third spotting of the love child, on Grand Street, then I crossed Sixth Avenue and walked up the West side. I usually walk on the East.

Revelation! So many cool buildings and sites I had never seen before. You wouldn’t believe how different it all was. I’ll have to chat that one up tomorrow, as today you get the love child pix.

Image from December 22, 2012. Gallery images from March 2, 2013.


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