cross the street

So yes, one day back in March, I crossed the street on my way home from SoHo.

The things I saw.

I’d been walking past this amazing building but never noticed the amazing worker reliefs on it because I was underneath, checking out the gymnastics place. It’s practically Soviet. 100 Sixth Avenue. Nor had I noticed Kool Bloo Express Eats. It was a totally different walk, a whole new universe. In fact, I never noticed what an amazing building my shala was in because I always approach it on its own side. It’s fairly ridiculous, but it is how most of us live our lives.

Three months later (now), tagging, I looked up 100 Sixth Ave and learned all sorts of things. According to Forgotten New York, it used to be called the Green Sixth Avenue Building. I also learned there why all the streets in the Village are so bizarre, with the odd space on certain blocks, like where MacDougal hits Sixth. It’s because Sixth Ave originally stopped at 14th Street. When it was extended down, it created a lot of weird spaces and wiped out parts of streets. MacDougal used to end south of Spring Street, but Sixth Avenue cut it off, ended it, and created the extra brick space. Happens all over lower Sixth.

Makes sense now. Thanks, Forgotten NY.

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