jesus & the world trade center

Enough of Brighton’s Russian-Americans. Let’s meet an Italian-American.

Or maybe he strayed over from Coney. Not many do.

I hurried to take this guy’s tattoo as I was walking. I shoot people from behind all the time and never do they realize, but this guy, even with his headphones, sensed me and turned around. It took him a good 20 seconds to turn off his music and I thought he might be preparing to yell at me, but instead he asked if I wanted to take his pic. He turned in circles so I could get the Virgin Mary on his delt. She almost has a Nepali face. And to make sure the hot spot (on his face in first photo below) didn’t ruin the pic.

I guess I need a new point and shoot, though my S95 is only 1.5yrs. Meanwhile a functioning 50-year old Polaroid sits next to me.

The water is finally warm enough for swimming. Happiness. Summer has begun.




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