traffic control nyc

Sixth Avenue, Chelsea, NYC. July 12, 2013

“Catch ’em? Catch ’em?” Porter was astounded. “You out of your fuckin mind? They’ll catch ’em, all right, and give ’em a big party and a medal.”
“Yeah. The whole town planning a parade,” said Nero.
“They got to catch ’em.”
“So they catch ’em. You think they’ll get any time? Not on your life!”
“How can they NOT give ’em time?” Walters’ voice was high and tight.
“How? Just DON’T, that’s how.” Porter fidgeted with his watch chain.
“But everybody knows about it now. It’s all over. Everywhere. The law is the law.”
“You wanna bet? This is sure money!”
“You stupid, man. Real stupid. Ain’t no law for no colored man except the one sends him to the chair,” said Guitar.
“They say Till had a knife,” Freddie said.
“They always say that. He could of had a wad of bubble gum, they’d swear it was a hand grenade.”

~Toni Morrison, Song of Solomon


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