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I spend a lot of time tagging and editing photos. Too much. I consider not tagging, or just tagging essentials, but quitting after 18,000 photos seems sad. Maybe I should hit up the Mechanical Turk, but that seems wrong. But it also seems wrong to spend more time producing the photos then shooting them, and it is much, much more. Several times I’ve caught up, and hoped to stay up, only to shoot a few hundred images when too busy with other things to work on them, and fall behind again.

Friends and I sometimes talk about how we didn’t get into photography to spend our time sitting at a computer. We began in the analog age.

I’d caught up to May when I started wondering where some images were. That guy I shot on Seventh Ave. The photographer on the corner of 23rd. The noisy street workers driving me nuts below.

I went back and realized that I’d inadvertently skipped several hundred images I shot mostly on Mysore walks in February. It’s interesting and good to look at the photos of snow and parkas and winter light in the height of summer, my favorite time of year.

Much has changed. I have a new Mysore walk, and it takes me along the route of many of these February photos, shot in SoHo en route to a yoga class I took on the weekend because my old shala was M-F. I now pass the window above (The Hair Box on Spring Street) every day, where before it was just a shop on a street in SoHo. There are different mannequin heads now.

The Liberty Building is finished. Or looks it.

And Sixth Avenue! What’s going on?


Kool Bloo is gone. It was not important or even good, it just reminded me of days long past. The sign. The blue. The car wash across the street is defunct, too. Yeah, the Sixth Avenue Car Wash on the corner of Broome is gone. I had no idea until summer, and now I read that the day after I took the photo below, the workers walked out over its sale, which they feel is a retaliation for their unionizing. They were really warm and enthusiastic when I took photos of their space. Memorably so.


There used to be a car wash on Broadway and Houston. That’s not there anymore either, though I’ve no idea when it closed.

So what will become of the lot? Against zoning laws, PMG plans to build a(nother) luxury high rise. This is the third time today I’ve happened upon news of luxury takeovers. The Frederick Douglass Houses were the first (public housing). The site where John works, on my old mysore walk (St Vincent’s Hospital). The big, beautiful art deco Walker Building near my place, which I swear has expanded in size (Verizon). Maybe it’s the scaffolding and black tarp that makes it seem so. Oh, and 5 Pointz (Aerosol Art Center).

Are we quickly becoming soulless Dubai? As the Gothamist reports, “The median rent for a studio apartment in Brooklyn was $2,000 in July (but that includes water bugs, bed bugs, and rats in the toilet bowl).” I mean, seriously. Get outta here.

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